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Coordinated Bathroom Collection - Brick Organic

Back to nature, the cool mountain air, the warmth of the sun, a summer rain, and all things organically wonderful. Conscious minded guardians of our planet inspired this awesome organic bathroom collection to be part of the solution instead of the problem. It is a popular alternative choice in a luxury bathroom linens and décor with a greater environmental accountability to our consumers.All elements in this collection have been specially designed to provide ultimate comfort and as a result the products in front of you are genuinely luxurious and long-lasting. You will also notice the specific colour of this collection's cotton - it's natural to ensure the product's compliance with requirements of organic certification. Unique and presentable, the Brick Organic products are also popular gift choices.Read through more details as you browse through the individual products and enjoy the truly organic experience in your bathroom oasis.

Products in this collection

Dressing Gowns DRESSING GOWNS Comfortable to wear and presentable, delivered in an elegant gift box.   Towels TOWELS Longer fibres with a natural feel to the skin. Eco-friendly towel with warmth and extra absorbency.
BATH RUGS Thick and generous with a soft, cushioned feel. Beautifully finished for long-lasting endurance.