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Coordinated Bathroom Collection - Riviera

Come soak in the sun of luxury and be pampered with a spa-therapy bathroom collection Riviera. This coordinated collection has been designed so you can re-create the spa experience in your own home and make your me-time truly beneficial. The idea was to present a timeless classic that would introduce or enhance your wellness routines and add a wonderful sense of tranquility to you mornings and evenings.All the soft elements of this collection are made from premium cotton performing beautifully at each use - the softness of the towels, the comfort of the dressing gowns and the plushness of the bath rugs. The accessories are also a fantastic match with their timeless, elegant designs and quality of build. All these arranged together in your bathroom will create the stress-free environment you will love returning to.Browse through the individual products to find out more details about the Riviera collection and enjoy the bliss of the home spa luxury.

Products in this collection

DRESSING GOWNSUltra-comfortable to wear and presentable, full-length with a shawl collar.   Towel TOWELSMade of premium cotton and with spa therapy quality, substantial and incredibly absorbent.
beach towel BATH RUGSDelightfully fluffy, plush bath rugs enhancing bathroom décor.   dressing gown ATHENAS BATH MATSThick, firm and highly absorbent texture that feels like a gentle foot massage.
towel LIQUID SOAP DISPENSERSMade of high quality ceramic with glossy finish, elegant bathroom accessory.   beach towels BATHROOM TUMBLERSTimeless design adding fresh look to your bathroom décor.
beach towels uk SOAP DISHESBeautifully designed, practical accessory for a classy bathroom.