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How To Wool Up Your Feet

17 Dec 2013



Now this really is the time of year when you can’t go without slippers. When you come in from the cold with your shoes all wet or caked in mud, there’s nothing better than pulling them off and getting your poor, numb feet into a pair of gorgeously-soft, super-snuggly slippers.

Woolsie slippers are something special; they’re the ultimate treat for your feet. Made from 100% pure Australian merino wool with natural leather soles, these luxurious slipper- booties feel quite as fabulous as they look.

Just imagine how your feet would feel all wrapped up in these gorgeous booties. Wear these, and cold feet will be a thing of the past, because merino wool is an incredible insulator: the tiny, curly fibres are twisted together, creating millions of tiny air-pockets that trap body heat and create a buffer against cold air.

Woolsies work in harmony with your body’s natural heating and cooling system, regulating your temperature beautifully. So when you’re all warm, settled down under a blanket to watch your favourite Christmas movie, the breathable wool will make sure your tootsies stay toasty without overheating.

An unexpected bonus is that just by walking around in these little booties, your feet will enjoy a wonderful ‘micromassage’ from the natural woollen fibres, something that’ll improve your circulation and blood flow.

Finally, you can be sure that although they look soft and delicate, these Woolsie slippers are well and truly built to last – look after them properly, and they’ll look after your feet for many winters to come.
It helps, of course, that the slippers also naturally odour-resistant! You can wear them for a long time, and they won’t start smelling, because woollen fibres are coated with a natural animal fat that resists bacteria.

So take a look today – after all, it is getting colder. Will your feet forgive you if you don’t?

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