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Wonderful Wool

13 Dec 2013



Sheep: most of us don’t give them enough credit.

Because these humble creatures give us one of nature’s most magnificent materials: wool.

For years, wool fell out of favour. Knitted jumpers lingered in charity shops and at the back of the wardrobe. Children wearing a knitted jumper weren’t exactly the coolest. And knitting was firmly the domain of old ladies nattering over a cup of tea.

But not anymore. The young and trendy are whipping out their knitting needles all over the place. Little children are proud to look cute in novelty knitted jumpers, and each winter, hoards of shoppers head for the high street stores desperate to get their hands on everything from gorgeous fair-isle patterned affairs to chunky-knit scarfs.

Wool is firmly back in fashion. And at Aneesi, we’re thrilled, because wool is utterly wonderful.

We’ve been wearing this 100% natural material since the Stone Age and try as we might, science hasn’t yet found a way to recreate its unique and fabulous qualities.

Aside from looking gorgeous, wool has a wealth of other extraordinary qualities. Did you know that it’s…

INSULATING: wool’s super-clever at absorbing and releasing water vapour in the air, which makes it a brilliant insulator, trapping your body-heat when you brave the winter cold.

BREATHABLE: wool fibres constantly absorb and release moisture. This means wool constantly reacts to your body temperature, keeping you nice and snuggly without making you sweat when you’re settled by the fire. But if you do get a bit hot, it’s good to know that wool is also…

ODOUR-RESISTANT: wool’s much better than other materials at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air before it has the chance to hang around and breed the bacteria that makes you a bit whiffy…

EASY CARE: curly wool fibres are tough, durable and long-lasting. They can bend over 20 times without breaking, and its fibres are naturally elastic, so they stretch without losing shape, wrinkling or sagging. Wool fibres also have a protective, waxy coating, which makes them naturally anti-static, anti-dust and stain-resistant.

RENEWABLE, SUSTAINABLE and BIODEGRADABLE: as long as there are sheep bleating in the fields, there will be wool. Harvested not made, it’s the ultimate ‘green’ material. Even at the end of its life, wool decomposes quickly, giving back valuable nutrients to the soil.

Well, we hope you’ve been good, because Santa’s going to have a long woolly list this year! Make sure our new Woolsie slippers are on it…!

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