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Who Says Bacteria Can’t Have a Towel Party?

10 Nov 2013



Did you ever wonder what happens on a towel that’s been on your towel rack for too long? Well, it turns out – a lot. And the main culprit are bacteria. So what goes on there?

Your bathroom is like a little paradise to the tiny organisms that live there. For starters, it’s warm and humid – you get the appeal as long as you like holidays in the tropics. But what happens specifically on your towel they find really stimulating: the contact with your skin helps transfer nutrients like lipids and sugars into the fibre of your towel. Bacteria feed on them and this helps them grow their population rapidly by doubling every 10 minutes.

So imagine this – according to HeiQ, a Swiss developer and manufacturer of high-performance textile effects, tests show that bacteria on a towel can grow from 1 to 3 million in a bathroom in a matter of just 4 hours. What happens after 1 day of normal use? 1 billion happy bacteria are waiting for the next time you come to shower. 2-3 days later there are 10 billion of them and by the end of the week the 100 billion population is getting ready for the weekend.

No wonder that bacteria cause discomfort and bad odours in textiles. This can lead to skin irritation, allergies etc. – not exactly the effect you’re after when you dry off before putting your PJ’s and the bathrobe on.

Enough with the doom and gloom – there is something very easy you can do about it. And that’s changing your towel often enough. In this blog post we’re giving you our top 5 tips for clean, fresh towels. Microbes not welcome – your bathroom, your rules!

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