luxury towelsYou may have heard that the most luxurious towels in the world are made from Egyptian cotton. What is Egyptian cotton and is it really worth the hype, not to mention the price tag? Here is what you need to know when it comes to choosing Egyptian cotton towels.

Egyptian Cotton Towels - Enchanté!

When we talk about Egyptian cotton what we are really referring to is ELS, or extra long staple Egyptian cotton. ELS fibres are much longer and because longer fibres mean more absorbency, truly awesome Egyptian cotton towels should be made with ELS fibres. What exactly makes ELS Egyptian cotton fibres so different? Each individual fibre is longer, stronger and finer in texture, meaning that the towel is super absorbent, more durable and extremely soft to the touch. ELS Egyptian cotton towels feel thick and full in your hands and look spectacular on the towel rack. In addition, the individual fibres are more resistant to stress and with proper care will last for years. These ELS Egyptian cotton fibres have also been handpicked to ensure this kind of high quality.

What About Non-ELS Egyptian Cotton? 

So now that you know about ELS Egyptian cotton, what about non-ELS cottons from Egypt? What is the difference between these towel fibres? Non-ELS Egyptian cotton is still technically from Egypt, but it comes from a plant that produces shorter individual fibres. So a non-ELS Egyptian cotton towel is still from Egypt, but it is really not any more absorbent than non-ELS cottons from say, India or China. Any ELS cotton will have great absorbency regardless of its country of origin. You want to make sure you choose ELS cotton towels if you want them to work well and dry you off. Also, what is the difference between ELS cotton towels from the USA or China and ELS Egyptian cotton towels? The difference between ELS Egyptian cotton and other forms of ELS cottons will be seen the towel’s durability and feel, with ELS Egyptian cotton towels at the better end of both.

Good News! You Have Other Cotton Choices Too 

Are there other choices besides ELS Egyptian cotton for your bathroom? And why might you decide to choose something other than ELS Egyptian cotton? For starters, ELS Egyptian cotton is of a higher quality and therefore it sports a higher price tag. Its super long fibres mean that the towel will absorb more water, which also means that it will require more time and energy to dry completely. Since most of us have indoor heating, air-conditioning and electric dryers this super-absorbency doesn’t present a big problem. Standard ELS cotton towels will work just as well in drying you off, although they may not last as long as ELS Egyptian cotton towels and they may not be as plush and soft from the start.  Standard ELS towels are a quality choice for your home if you don’t want to spend the extra money on ELS Egyptian cotton.

Blends - Are You Really Getting 100% ELS Egyptian Cotton? 

The most lavish towels in the world would be made from 100% ELS Egyptian cotton, but due to the extremely highly priced towels this would produce, most Egyptian towel factories will add in some form of cotton blend to the towel’s warp. The towel’s warp is what holds it together, but the loops are the absorbent parts that touch your skin. Many Egyptian towel manufacturers will use a slightly lower quality cotton blend for the towel’s warp and high quality ELS Egyptian cotton for the loops. Because only the loops touch your body, why bother spending extra money on the warp’s type of cotton? This means that you can purchase an ELS Egyptian cotton towel with a warp made from a cotton blend and still end up with a wonderful towel. 

How To Decide On Which Towels Are Best For Your Home 

Your towel decisions come down to this: Are you willing to pay a little extra for the luxury, durability and softness of ELS Egyptian cotton, or is the functionality of other kinds of ELS cotton enough for you? The real reason for choosing ELS Egyptian cotton towels is that they are so outrageously plush and soft and that they will last a long time. So your choice of towels will come down to a matter of personal preference. If you do choose ELS Egyptian cotton towels you will certainly not be disappointed. It is up to you to decide if the qualities are worth the cost and how you want your bathroom to appear.

ELS Egyptian Cotton - To Buy or Not To Buy?  

So do you pick ELS Egyptian cotton for your towels or do you choose something a little less luxurious? Thanks to breakthroughs in textile technologies it is now possible to have durable and absorbent towels without having to pay for ELS Egyptian cotton. If price is an option then feel free to get some standard ELS cotton towels and feel good knowing that they will work just fine. They may not last as long, but their lower cost allows you to replace them as needed. If however you want the absolute softest, thickest and most opulent towels, then there is nothing quite like ELS Egyptian cotton. Just be sure that any towels that claim to be from Egypt also feature the extra long staple cotton fibres, even if the warp is made from a blend, so that you are sure that the loops are made from the best cotton plants. This will result in a very high quality towel.