We have pulled together a step-by-step guide to help you familiarize yourself with the Aneesi shopping experience. The process is simple and intuitive but just in case you would like a sneak peak, here it is. We have broken the process down into 3 steps:



Select the products you are interested in from the Top Menu displayed on each page. As you browse through the products, you can refine the selection using the Left Menu – depending on the products you are viewing, relevant refinement options will appear for you to choose from.

Many items come in various sizes. If you see a product that you like, click on it and you will be taken to its detail page. You will be then presented with sizes available for this particular item (1).

You will also see whether the size you are interested in is currently available in stock for immediate dispatch (2). Items currently completely out of stock (no sizes are available per colour) don’t display the size options. You can always place such items in your Wishlist (3) to remember them at a later date. If you would like to know when they will be available again, please get in touch with us via e-mail: or via Twitter: @AneesiLifestyle.

To add an item to your Shopping Bag, select the quantity from the dropdown (4) and click on the ‘Add to Shopping Bag’ (5).

Aneesi product detail page

As you browse through our dressing gowns selection, you will be able to check the size guide of any dressing gown to ensure a good fit (6):

Dressing gowns size guide

On the other hand, our bath mats selection contains washing and care instructions to help you get the most value out of your purchase (7):

Bath rug washing instructions


You can review the contents of your shopping bag at any time by clicking the "Shopping Bag" link at the top right of the page (8):

Link to Aneesi Shopping Bag

In your Shopping Bag, you have an option to remove any item by using the “Remove” link under the item’s title (9). If you have a promo code you can claim your discount by entering the code into the promo box (10) and clicking on the orange Aneesi arrow on its right (you can obtain one of our promo codes by subscribing to the Aneesi Lifestyle newsletter). When you are happy with your selection click on the button “Proceed to Checkout” (11):

Review Aneesi Shopping Bag


If it's your first time shopping at Aneesi, you can choose to complete your purchase as a guest (without logging in) or by registering your account (12). However simple, you can speed up the registering process by connecting with your Facebook account (13). If you are an existing customer but you have forgotten your password you can easily retrieve it by clicking on the link "I forgot my password" (14).

Aneesi checkout methods

The first step in the checkout process is entering your billing address. If you already have one specified in your account you can select it from the dropdown (15). If you don’t, the dropdown has an option to enter new address.

Once you have entered the billing address you can tell us whether you want your parcel to be delivered to that address or if the shipping address is different (16). Once you are done entering address details click the “Continue” button.

Aneesi checkout - addresses

The next step is to tell us how you would like us to ship your parcel to you. Review the options available for your shipping destination, select the one you prefer and click “Continue”.

Aneesi checkout - shipping

In the next step, select the payment method from the available options. Once you have one selected, an additional form will be displayed where you will be able to enter your payment information. For more information about payment security and protection of your privacy please refer to our Terms & Conditions (opens in a new window). After entering the payment information click “Continue”. You won't be charged at this point yet - there is one more opportunity to review the order before placing it.

Aneesi checkout - payment

The last step is to review the details one last time before placing your order. Here, you have an option to change the contents of your Shopping Bag (17). If you are happy with your selection read our Terms & Conditions and confirm you agree with them (18). You are now ready to place your order - click the "Place Order" button and it's a wrap!

Aneesi checkout - place order