Towelling Dressing Gowns - Bondi

How about uncomplicated post-shower mornings and cosy after-bath evenings? That's what the Bondi collection of towelling dressing gowns was created for. The first thing you will notice about them is how nicely they absorb extra moisture. This is thanks to the long cotton loops that line the inside of the dressing gown - they act a little bit like a quality towel as you continue your bathroom routine while keeping you warm at the same time.

What's really comfortable is that Bondi have just the right weight. Made of 360 GSM cotton, the bathrobe is cosy and fluffy but light enough to be a pleasure to wear. You will feel that substance when you put it on and appreciate how natural it is to walk around in it.

Now, we aren't forgetting about the looks, oh no. Wearing a dressing gown you need to feel it suits your personal style. The designers made sure that these bathrobes are cut stylishly, with the well-positioned belt, two practical pockets and an excellent finish.

Thanks to this modern cut the Bondi dressing gowns are suitable both for Her and for Him with no compromise in style - generous enough to give you good coverage and cleverly designed to provide great shape and fit. See more details about the design below and check out available colours to start bonding!

Bondi Anatomy

Bondi Colours

 alt= LILAC
The "new red" in the world of fashion - it brings a touch of intrigue and sparks imagination.
Its earthy shade brings the sense of calm, grace and strength. It's the perfect neutral colour.
The timeless colour of passion - it's sensual and dynamic, and accentuates authenticity.
With its depth and stability, black creates the feel of potential and evokes powerful emotions.
An engaging colour with a bright tone that's fun and spectacular. Clears the mind and aids intuition.
Light and refreshing, white enhances our sense of well-being. The classic enabler of fresh beginnings.