Embroidered Towels Design - Cobblestones

Soft, highly-absorbent and beautifully-textured, these towels are finished with a silky embroidered panel featuring a crisscross cobblestone design that hints of the quant cobblestone streets of a bygone era whilst remaining unmistakably contemporary in its stylized simplicity. With their carefully chosen colours, you’ll be enveloped in sunny warmth: the bright, clean cream perfectly balances and complements their rich, golden hue.

Embroidered towels from the Cobblestones design offer great, high-quality performance. Their clean, attractive patterns enhance the décor of any bathroom. With long loops and 500 GSM, they’re very absorbent but only as heavy as good towels should be: they have all the comforting bulk you’d expect of a good quality towel but without the long dry time. This makes them ideal for personal care as well as for use as hand towels.

Towels in this design

Vougish colour infusing your bathroom with sunny warmth.
Clean, classic hue with a trendy mustard pattern.