Woolsies Yeti Thick Foot - 100% Natural Wool Slipper Booties - Unisex - Cream

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  • Indoor slipper booties made of 100% natural Australian merino wool with leather soles (not suitable for outdoors). Thick Foot are a special type of Woolsies Yeti - their insole is padded with a 2cm-thick cushion foam which provides an extra pillow of comfort and better insulation from the ground (the cushion level adjusts to the body weight after a few days of wearing).
  • Light-weight and fluffy, keeping your feet warm - great for slouching around in. Read the product description below to learn about sizing and how to try Woolsies Yeti on.
  • Insulating thanks to wool's effectiveness in absorbing and releasing water vapour in the air - different from the blocking quality of synthetic fabrics.
  • Breathable thanks to wool's reaction to body temperature, making them odour-resistant.
  • Relaxed bootie style with wool's natural tendency to adjust to feet's width for your comfort.
  • Woolsies - Wool Up Your Feet!

    Woolsie slippers are the ultimate treat for your feet - imagine how your feet would feel all wrapped up in these fluffy booties. Wear these, and cold feet will be a thing of the past, as Merino wool is an incredible insulator: the tiny, curly fibres are twisted together, creating millions of tiny air-pockets that trap body heat and create a buffer against cold air.

    They work in harmony with your body’s natural heating and cooling system, regulating your temperature beautifully. So when you’re all warm, settled down under a blanket to watch your favourite movie, the breathable wool will make sure your tootsies stay toasty without overheating.

    Just by walking around in these booties, your feet will enjoy a nice micromassage from the natural woollen fibres, something that’ll improve your circulation.

    Woolsies are easy to care for: curly wool fibres are tough and durable. They also have a protective, waxy coating, which makes them naturally anti-static, anti-dust and stain-resistant.

    How to try your Woolsies on

    As they are made of natural materials, these slippers may not have the obvious 'left' and 'right' foot. It'll change, however, as you start using them and they adjust to your feet and style of walking. For this reason, the recommended way is to try them on while sitting.


    Woolsies are unisex - this guide helps you choose the right size. Approx. length of the insole (0.5cm tolerance):
    EU 37 - 24 cm - 9 1/2 in
    EU 38 - 24.5 cm - 9 5/8 in
    EU 39 - 25 cm - 9 7/8 in
    EU 40 - 25.5 cm - 10 in
    EU 41 - 26 cm - 10 1/4 in
    EU 42 - 26.5 cm - 10 1/2 in
    EU 43 - 27 cm - 10 5/8 in

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